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Laden with Sins

October 30, 2009

For of this sort are they who creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts (II Timothy 3:6).

What is the religious system’s power of manipulation over the “foolish women” (and men for that matter!)? Guilt; the guilt of heavy-laden sins.

The reason that these women are “foolish” and can so successfully be “led away” is because the religious system has “laden” them down “with sins.” These women are looking to the religious system to for a solution to their guilt; to cover it, or bury it – when in fact it is the religious system itself that has “laden” them with these sins.

Noah Webster[1] defines “laden” as “loaded, oppressed and burdened.” These women are “loaded with sins;” they are “oppressed with sins;” they are “burdened with sins.” They are futilely seeking relief from the very system that was loading them with oppression and burdens.

In fact, the phrase “laden with sins could be translated buried under sins.” Because the word that Paul used was sōreuō (Strong’s Greek Lexicon #4987), “from another form of #4673,” which is soros. Interestingly this word means “a funereal receptacle (urn, coffin).”

These women are manipulated by the religious system under such a burden from the guilt of sin that they are “buried” beneath it! This has always been the greatest tool of religion. Guilt of sin is what keeps people loyal to religion, and religion will always “increase” sin to its highest degree – even to the point of generating and manufacturing new “sins!”

The Pharisees of Jesus’s day were masters of this as well.

For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers (Matthew 23:4).

Paul described it this way,

For you suffer, if a man brings you into bondage, if a man devours you, if a man takes of you, if a man exalts himself, if a man smites you on the face (II Corinthians 11:20).

Over the centuries religion, to keep its hold on the masses, has made many more things “sinful” than they really are. By doing so, religion keeps increasing the “need” of itself. In fact, if we have had religious influence pressed upon us in our lives, many things that we have known as “sin” may indeed not be so.

Sin, in a biblical sense is that which is an assault against God (e.g. worship of other gods, the exaltation of one’s self or others equal to or above God), or against man (i.e., that which is harmful or hurtful to others). Religion always seeks to make new lists of “sins.”[2] It keeps adding to the “sin catalog.” How many things do we regard as “sin,” that in all actuality are only the chains of religious bondage? Just because something is said to be a “sin” long and hard enough, does not make it a sin.

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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[1]Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828.

[2]I have heard strange lists of “sins” over the years, such as: window shopping, reading the newspaper, men shaking hands with women, playing cards, playing billiards, going swimming, wearing wire-rim glasses, men parting their hair down the middle, buying gas on Sunday, wearing shorts, chewing gum, watching TV, going to the movies, and wearing cowboy boots; but even some of the more popularly accepted lists of “sins” are to be made subject to the scrutiny of the Word of God.


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